El Cajon Cruise Corvette Nite - October 5th, 2022

Not far from the JBA Speed Shop executive tower, there are a number of weekly local cruise nights that occur in various San Diego suburbs, including El Cajon, La Mesa and a little ways up North in Escondido.

Here we are focusing on the one that takes place each Wednesday evening in El Cajon and it's known as the El Cajon Classic Cruise. One thing that's pretty cool about it is that the organizers have a different theme each week. Examples include race cars, police and fire vehicles or Tri Five ('55-'57) Chevys.

About a month ago, one of the recent events also showcased our beloved Ford Mustangs in all eras from the first 1965s on up to the latest 2022s: https://jbaspeedshop.com/n-12654-el-cajon-mustang-cruise-nite-sept-7-2022.html

With about 25 cars on hand in all (including those cruising up-and-down the street that aren't in the photo gallery) it was a fun evening to hang out and have a gander at whatever sort of Blue Oval Pony that strikes your fancy.

This time around the focus was on Corvettes--any and all of them from 1953-2022, which means next year the beloved marque will celebrate 70 years of production on June 30th, 2023.

Whether it be the timeless early '53-'62 solid-axle cars or the downright legendary Mid Year '63-'67s, on through '68-'82 shark-bodies and the modern-era C4s, C5s, C6s, C7s and C8s, there was pretty much an example of each generation for anyone to pick out a favorite.

One of our star picks for the evening was a pristine Nassau Blue '66 coupe with the thumping L-72, 425-horsepower 427 and we believe it was one of only two Mid Years in attendance, along with a really cool '63 Grand Sport replica.

In 1963, Corvette grandfather Zora Arkus Duntov had five Grand Sports built to compete with Carroll Shelby's 289 Cobras. Today those five cars are worth millions each and are about the most historical Corvette road-racers ever: https://www.grandsportregistry.com/63_history.htm

Note also the gray C6 Corvette Grand Sport in the gallery. These C6 GSs combine the Z06's track-focused suspension, brakes, wheels and tires with the standard LS3 in the C6, which with 430 horsepower was no dog in its own right as equipped in standard C6s from 2008-2013.

You will also see in the gallery a minty-fresh '69 convertible that belongs to our friend and JBA marketing manager Greg Raymond. It's also a big-block-powered 427 car--this one being a 435-horsepower version with the 3x2 Tri-Power (three two-barrel) carburetors and the extra-cool triangular air cleaner.

Going to the latest Vettes in the orbit these days, the C8 in the gallery attests to the fact that these 8th-generation cars are basically the performance bang-for-the-buck king of the hill in the entire automotive universe. For the money, it's our opinion that you really can't touch their performance envelope with any other make or model out there.

If you are local to the San Diego area, the El Cajon cruise night is a fun way to spend a Wednesday evening. They will run through October of this year before resuming again in April 2023. It's certainly worth checking out. --Miles Cook