Dyno Tuning

Bring your classic car into JBA to find out if your car is tuned for maximum performance and safety!

If you can’t get rid of that off-idle stumble the professionals at JBA Speed Shop are here to assist you with custom dyno tuning services. JBA houses a 200 MPH Mustang MD-500 chassis dyno as well as a 2500-hp DTS engine dyno to help you get the most performance out of your engine either before or after it is bolted in.

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Dyno JBA Speed Shop has dyno’d and tuned thousands of vehicles. Carbureted muscle cars, hot rods and race cars as well as EFI systems for your classic Muscle car. (Holley EFI, Edelbrock, FAST, Haltech and other stand-alone systems) Naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbo’d or nitrous-enhanced? We've got you covered! Whether you just want to calibrate your speedometer, verify your horsepower and torque, or tune up your ride for optimum drivability and power, JBA is here.

JBA Speed Shop proudly uses "state of the art" Mustang MD-500 and Dyno Dynamics load-bearing eddy-current chassis dynamometers. Results are weather-corrected, and our dyno reliably handles everything from 50-hp grocery-getters to 1,000 hp racecars. For every power verification, you receive a color graph that charts your hp and torque curves, along with a printout that includes mph, rpm, hp, torque, ambient temp, air/fuel ratio and vacuum/boost readings throughout the rpm band.

With years of experience in achieving optimum results, our technicians have developed intensive procedures for preparing a car for dyno tuning. Vehicle inspections road testing, leak checks, sensor adjustments, and verifying proper installation of mechanical components are key to ensuring accurate results and safe operation during tuning. 

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Dyno JBA’s full service engine shop features a state-of-the-art DTS Powermark engine dyno. Designed to handle up to 2,500-hp and 1,800-ft/lbs of torque, our dyno facility provides advanced high performance engine dyno testing and tuning for street performance, drag, circle track, road racing, off-road and marine race engines. JBA’s dyno cell is designed and manufactured for maximum performance and durability, as well as unequalled data acquisition capabilities. The data acquisition is computer controlled with all critical engine functions monitored, including air/fuel ratio, exhaust gas temperatures and brake specific fuel consumption. JBA’s engine dyno cell and trained staff are available for half-day, full-day, or weekly rentals. 

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