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JBA at SEMA 2023



JBA Hits SEMA 2023!

SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association and the annual SEMA Show that's held in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a special event that previews new "trends" and innovations, and there's competition between high-profile builders as well as lesser-known shops to come up with worthy, head-turning cars and trucks that gets recognition for fresh ideas. Display vehicles are inside, outside, and in the various hallways. The parking lots out front has overflow displays, everywhere you look there's something to see and absorb.


SEMA 2023 


Welcome to JBAtv!

Stay tuned for action-packed, high performance fun via our Super HD episodes 24/7 at JBAtv! If you can’t be here in person but want to join in, watch our broadcast to see what we’re up to at JBA Speed Shop here in San Diego. And, if you miss a live broadcast, simply watch it in the Archives. Stay tuned!

While you are here, you can:

• learn more about JBA
• purchase name brand high performance products from our online store
• check out the cool vehicles and projects we’re working on,
• watch more historic Trans-Am competition, and
• buy official JBA merchandise online.



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