• Jim Loving Jim Loving "Had a little starter problem, Bruce gave it to one of his guys, then drove to his house for a spare starter! His employee got mine going again. Got it on the chassis dyno, car ran great! Very very happy with JBA, and Bruce! I thought it was worth the tow from Costa Mesa! Would recommend to anyone! And I have! Thank you, Bruce. There is video of my car at JBA. I now have the record at El Mirage. Thanks Bruce!"
  • William Baugh William Baugh "John Elderhorst, the engine builder is top notch. Austin gets the correct parts every time. Horsepower costs money, but I got the most bang for my buck, twice! I have also recently purchased tires there. Very happy with the fast service. J and the whole gang are friendly and pleasant to deal with."
  • Tim Read Tim Read "Today, I woke early to write this review for J and Austin Bittle at JBA Speed Shop. I could not sleep thinking about how blessed I am to know good people in this world. I am a combat wounded, 2x Purple Heart Marine who served our country honorably and faithfully. I was an Infantry Marine and during recovery from serious injuries decided to rebuild the engine in my 2003 Mustang Mach 1. Once that was completed, I learned that J Bittle at JBA, who has a history with performance vehicles, had interest to help me tune up the engine.  He found the ventilation tube to the intake that I had lost in my rebuild and didn't charge me for that part.  I couldn't find the tube anywhere on online.  He knows that when your car is not working right you yourself are not working right.  JBA is the best tuning shop in Southern California.  He got my Mustang to push out 525 horses where the engine tuner I now work with is able to push out just 427. J Bittle’s whole family works together at their humble, yet firm Speed Shop, and I have never felt more at home.  The shop has a very helpful and knowledgeable staff, as well as an awesome upgrade selection to choose from.  I would, at the drop of a hat, make a trip to Southern California in my Azure Blue supercharged Mach 1 just to get the engine tuned by JBA."
  • Kalvin Coon Kalvin Coon "We travelled from Northern California, past probably 500 similar speed shops, to get our car worked on at JBA! Supercharger is installed on my 2016 Mustang GT! Austin and Bruce are the best. Friendly, knowledgeable and really helpful. We'll be coming back in the future with any projects...even if we are living out of state. It's worth the travel.
  • Dennis Dilucente Dennis Dilucente "Recently, Bruce Dyno-Tuned my 2012 Boss 302 prior to a road course track day at Auto Club Speedway. I could not have been happier with the performance gains on the top end of the Mustang's power curve nor my personal best lap times to date. J's team has taken care of my high performance cars for over 25 years and I have happily followed this family owned business from location to location as they have expanded their high performance automotive operation.
    Perhaps more important to me than my own personal performance gains is the JBA team's dedication to cultivating the car culture here in San Diego. They have been major supporters of the San Diego Mustang Club as well as other Car Clubs for decades. JBA’s Coffee & Cars events are monthly camaraderie gatherings that serve to entertain as well as bring together Hot Rodders of every make & model. Best of all, you can wander around the shop and see their craftsmanship 1st hand!
    Finally, I would like to acknowledge the ‘heavy lifting’ J, his wife Vickie and their son Austin have done while supporting local Wounded Warriors who are permitted to work on their personal vehicles in the JBA Speed Shop. Yes, they have provided pro bono work, time, assistance and advice to numerous veterans who have been severely injured while serving our country. I only include this in my review since the Bittle family is too humble to discuss their personal selflessness.
    So, if you are looking for something more than the cheapest automotive parts on line check out the Pros @ JBA."
  • Craig Gaulzetti Craig Gaulzetti "These guys are the best! Amazing mechanics, tuners, hot rodders, and now friends. They've helped me turn my 2008 Mustang GT500 into my vision of the perfect car. It's got gobs of power with the handling AND reliability to match. They've also been very reasonable in terms of pricing, and have done right by me."
  • Carl Bernstein Carl Bernstein "This is a shop in San Diego that we are lucky to have if you are local. My Classic Muscle car was given new life with a hand rebuilt Big Block Chevy that now runs perfectly. After being blown off by another shop in El Cajon that rebuilds muscle car engines, I was lucky to find this place. Got front disk brake upgrade from drum; also, new springs and Bilstein shocks. This place does it all. Modern muscle is also not a problem for these guys; I saw many Hellcats, Camaros and Mustangs getting exhaust upgrades with headers/cat backs and Superchargers. They have a tire center right next door and if they don't have your parts in stock they can order anything you like. If it does not fit or is the wrong item, they stand by their work and will repair/replace it on the spot. Highly recommend JBA!"
  • Bob George Bob George "I have a muscle car 1966 vintage that needed a new engine and the owner J took it upon himself to plan and execute a custom build of an aluminum 427. Granted, it did take some time due to parts availability etc, but the end result is a great engine. J backed up the build correcting a leaky oil pan that was new. The engine had to be pulled and the pan replaced at no cost to me. J, John, Bruce, Mike and Austin have taken care of our car and I trust them with it. They are not the least expensive shop around but they have the ability to service all your muscle car needs with professionalism and expertise.
    I also bought some M/T street slicks online and they were the wrong fit. Austin took my mistake tires and gave me complete credit for the proper fit M/T's.
    I definitely would recommend JBA for your auto needs.
  • Tony Perez Tony Perez “A very professional, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Oh, yes, they did a great job repairing my 1963 Galaxie 500 convertible. You have certainly earned my business!”
  • Ryan Doherty Ryan Doherty “I have a tri-power setup on my ’67 Cyclone and these guys went above and beyond to get it dialed in and make more power. Everyone was a class act and I will not let anyone else turn a wrench on my car!”
  • Randy K. “I have a brand new 2016 Mustang GT and was referred to JBA for an exhaust system by a friend. Todd, a service advisor, was very helpful and we decided on the Roush axle back quad tip exhaust. Want to add that Todd and I went back and forth many times on email with him answering all my questions, making recommendations and giving me timely and intelligent options.

    “During installation, the rear valance needed to be removed. JBA brought in a custom auto body expert to make sure the removal and re-installation of the rear valance went perfectly.
    They were concerned about my brand new car looking perfect. This was explained to me in detail by shop owner J. Wow, what service!

    “Results: the exhaust sounds fantastic. I went full bore—meaning removal of both plates so all four pipes were singing. Deep, throaty, aggressive…exactly what a muscle car should sound like. No droning, sounds great on down shift and not obnoxiously loud that the neighbors complain.

    “Inside the car, the exhaust/engine sounds powerful…deep growl at start, revving produces more growling and just a very aggressive, deep tone. No tinny or high pitch screaming…just a deep baritone growl that shouts DETROIT MUSCLE, BABY!

    “Frankly I think my exhaust sound is the best I have heard. Also, much better sound than they are able to play in the Ford Pony Parts YouTube video. Aesthetically, I now have four pipes…two on each side…and it looks very cool and totally custom. You will be very pleased if you choose the Roush Axle back quad tipped system. Warning: this is not a DIY project at home due to the valance issue. Let the pros at JBA do it

    “Cost: Very competitive…same as online prices. Felt I received great value, and everything explained. No surprises.

    “JBA Shop & Employees…this is a unique speed, tuning, and machine shop. A shop tour revealed many custom Shelby’s and really cool muscle cars all getting some type of re-build and service. The place is busy with projects. This is a full service shop! I think they could build an aircraft carrier with the equipment and talent on-site. All my emails and calls were immediately answered. Very talented group and a lot of fun. J. Bittle, the owner, even gave me a ride back to my office after dropping off the car. Old fashioned customer service with real world equipment and technology. Thank you Todd, J. and Team JBA!”
  • Martha Glad Martha Glad “Seriously happy with the job you guys did on our 2014 Mustang! Been tearing up the roads ever since! Thanks for the help. We’ll see you soon for the supercharger!”
  • Kevin Yang Kevin Yang “Very, very capable shop. Got my 2013 Mustang 5.0 up and running after a fresh transmission within 24 hours.”
  • Judge Marshall Jr. Judge Marshall Jr. “Well, what more is there to tell? JBA and crew are the best in the business when it comes to service, attention to detail and customer satisfaction of their work on your pride and joy vehicles. None better in Southern California.”
  • Joe Curran 3.55 Ford Racing Gear Install & Tune
    “WOW! My goal was to wake up second gear and it sure was successful. It is a completely different car now…drivable for every day when I’m easy on it and hard acceleration when I want it. The combination of gears, tuning and transmission shift quality has really done a lot to make it more enjoyable. The 1-2 shift requires the traction control to be turned off. The ABS detects the tire slip in the shift and kills the timing.

    “Without traction control on, the thing breaks the tires loose so easily. It’ll take some getting used to but I’m definitely liking the new car. Please extend my thanks to Bruce Tucker. I can tell there is another 25+ horsepower there!”

    Two Days Later…
    “I knew it would take some time to discover the new operating characteristics. I see vastly improved throttle response, smoother transition of the cam phasers (which used to be abrupt), more usable and more linear power throughout the rev range, vastly improved shift quality and timing, and all this while maintaining drivability and the ‘luxury feel’ when driving normally. Fuel economy is the same. Yet, when I put my foot into it, the car is much more awake and responsive—especially the all-important second gear acceleration. It’s a completely different experience.

    “Thank you so much. I’m enjoying this car so much more.”
  • Eric Alan Lloyd Eric Alan Lloyd “J. Bittle and the guys helped me out on both of my cars. They got my big block in my Firebird running like a champ and tuned my Focus ST to keep up with V-8s and still get over 30 miles per gallon. You rock!”
  • Dylan Milroy Dylan Milroy “Customer service is incredible. Bruce and all the guys behind the scenes are always pleasant! I have 30,000 miles on my build from them (Stage II) in my ’97 Cobra and it still runs incredibly. JBA or bust.”
  • Derek Sterling Derek Sterling “Great bunch of guys who really know their stuff about cars. Had a great time in the dyno!”
  • Andrew Abrecht Andrew Abrecht “They are the coolest buncha gear heads out there!”
  • Ray Woodford Vehicle: 1988 Chevrolet Pick-Up 383 Stroker
    Service Type: Headers/Exhaust

    “I bought an exhaust mid-pipe from you guys for my truck. It performs and sounds great!”
  • Luke Robinson - Erwin, TN Vehicle: 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 HEMI
    Service Type: Headers/Exhaust

    “My truck runs like a champ. Thanks for such a great product.”
  • James L. Vehicle: 2006 Mustang GT
    Service Type: Headers/Exhaust

    “The set-up is great. It sounds good, runs good, and makes tons and tons of power—especially in the middle of the RPM range. We did our drag testing last night and ran 8.28 in the 1/8 or 12.85 in the quarter mile. Our previous best was 13.09, so we picked up two and one-half tenths!”
  • Daniel Elson Vehicle: 2006 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7L

    “I have your entire exhaust from headers all the way to the tips installed on my Dodge Charger. I have to say this system was pretty easy to install. I had no issues installing it myself and got a lot more power. In fact, it sounds totally wicked! I love going out to my car and starting it up just to hear it. I also noticed if I keep my foot off the gas, I get better gas mpg, too. Thanks for helping me have the best sounding Charger in my neighborhood.”
  • Bruce P. Vehicle: 1969 Mach 1, 428 SCJ, Drag Pack
    “You really exceeded my expectations. My Mach 1 just sounds soooo good! I really can turn heads wherever and whenever I choose.”
  • Bobby Turner - Stockton, CA
    Vehicle: 2006 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7L
    Service Type: Headers/Exhaust
    Part: 1964S, 2965SYC, 40-1600

    "I have the complete system on my charger, headers on back. Absolutuely love em...great system, great product.."