Meet The Team

Meet The Team

  • J. Bittle J. Bittle J. Bittle President

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    • Began playing with cars in 1972 in High School…driving my Dad’s Opel Rally Cadet 1900cc 4-speed!

    • Arrived at JBA: 1985 after Joe Drew turned down opening up a department in Drew Ford.

    • Favorite car: 1967 Shelby GT500

    JBA Speed Shop pulls ahead

  • Vickie Bittle Vickie Bittle Vickie Bittle Controller

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    • I have always loved cars and their makers

    • My dad bought, fixed and sold used cars

    • Met J., joined the Texas A&M Sports Car Club and bought a 1969 Mach 1 428SCJ — all in the same year!

    • Favorite cars: 1965 Shelby; 1990s Taurus SHO & F150, 2012 Mustang Boss 302

    • Fun fact: Loves loud cars with visibility!

  • Austin Bittle Austin Bittle Austin Bittle Director Parts and Service

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    • Began learning about cars via a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500XL with a 390

    • Arrived at JBA in 1987 in a baby seat in the back of a Mustang SVO

    • Graduated from Texas A&M like both my parents, my brother, and my grandfather

    • Favorite Car: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 SCJ

  • The Bittle Family Legacy The Bittle Family Legacy The Bittle Family JBA - A Family Business

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    The Bittle Family History
    • James “J" Bittle

    • Vickie Bittle

    • Austin Bittle

    • Stewart Bittle

    James L Bittle, DVM

  • Mike Balzer Mike Balzer Mike Balzer Sr. Engineer / Lead Performance Technician / Shop Foreman

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    • From San Antonio, TX
    • Favorite cars include a '65 GTO and '70-'73 Firebirds. '63-'67 Mid Year Corvettes also in the mix
    • Hobbies outside cars include hunting and fishing

  • Greg Raymond Greg Raymond Greg Raymond Product Line Sales & Marketing Manager

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    • Born and raised in San Diego. Graduate of San Diego State University 1993

    • 30 Years of Performance Automotive Aftermarket experience. National Sales Manager for JBA Performance Exhaust. Sales, Marketing and Electronic Cataloging Manager for PerTronix Performance Brands. Responsible for Platinum level ACES and PIES Data Sets.

    • Favorite car(s): 1969 Corvette L71 Roadster, 1965 Pro Touring Mustang & 1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible.

  • Scott Coakley Scott Coakley Scott Coakley Performance Parts Specialist / Service Writer

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    • From Philly, PA
    • Favorite car is any Cobra roadster, real or replica, 289 or 427. "Most like a motorcycle," he says
    • Followed in the footsteps of Dad who was a shop tech/mechanic
    • A prime hobby is motorcycles, with a BMW 1200 GS adventure bike as the current form of leisure travel

  • Paul Crutcher Paul Crutcher Paul Crutcher Sr. Performance Parts Specialist / Service Writer

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    • From Riverside, CA
    • Favorite Car: Favorite car is a '33 or '34 Ford. Currently own a '31 Ford Model A roadster pickup
    • Lore is that my great grandfather worked on Bonnie and Clyde's '34 Ford
    • A favorite hobby is pre-war Fords, both the cars themselves and their history

  • Steven Honeycutt Steven Honeycutt Steven Honeycutt High Performance Service Writer

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    • From La Mirada, CA
    • Two favorite cars are a '69 Camaro and El Camino
    • Started working on cars with my dad and his '67 Charger
    • First car was a '68 Thunderbird
    • A current fun hobby is cruising to the San Diego beaches with my better half in our '64 Corvair Monza convertible

  • Alex Conger Alex Conger Alex Conger Performance Plumbing Technician & Horsepower Specialist

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    • Born and raised in San Diego; graduated from Clairemont High School=
    • When I was five years old, my neighbors were always working on hot rods; I started working on tossed carburetors shortly thereafter
    • Been working with J Bittle since 1999

  • Pamela Lee Park Pamela Lee Park Pamela Lee Park Sr. Merchandising / Sales Specialist

  • Mike Trousdale Mike Trousdale Mike Trousdale Parts Expeditor/Logistics Specialist

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    • Been into cars since I was a kid and have been in the industry since 2012
    • Favorite Car: “1972 Chevy C/10 Fleetside Pick-up”

  • Rusty Staley Rusty Staley Rusty Staley Facilities Manager / Performance Technician

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    • Grew up in Peoria, Illinois and Topeka, Kansas; started working on domestic cars and hot rods with the next door neighbor as a kid; took shop classes and ‘lived’ at the race track as a teen

    • Served our country in the United States Navy for 20 years

    • 2018 Barona Speed Stock Pony Champion driving a 1974 Ford Pinto w/164 HP!

    • Favorite Car: My 1971 Chevy Nova

  • John Elderhorst John Elderhorst J.Elderhorst Master Engine Builder + Senior Machinist

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    • ASE Certified Master Engine Machinist

    • Began working on cars as a teenager

    • Started working with J. in Texas 1980

    • Arrived at JBA when it was located on Daggett Street

    • Favorite cars: 1968 Charger; 1967 Buick GS and 1973 SD Trans Am

  • Ethan Moradzadeh Ethan Moradzadeh Ethan Moradzadeh Machine Shop Performance Technician

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    Experience: • From Merced, CA
    • Favorite car is emphatically a '67 Mustang fastback with the buzzsaw 289 that was just built and currently in a '65 Mustang coupe along with a Toploader four-speed
    • Grandfather had a '67 fastback...hence the love starting as a toddler
    • Hobbies outside of cars include camping in a vintage F250 pickup and horseback riding

  • Carlos Robles Hinojosa Carlos Robles Hinojosa Carlos Robles Hinojosa Sr. Performance Technician

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    • From Barrio Logan, San Diego
    • Favorite car is a '55 Chevy gasser or any nostalgia gasser for that matter
    • Father had a transmission shop, worked on everything there
    • Baseball is a major interest...go Padres!

  • Brent Baughman Brent Baughman Brent Baughman Sr. Performance Technician

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    • From Santa Rosa, CA
    • Favorite Car: Favorite car is a '65 AC Cobra
    • Grew up on a ranch where I had to learn how to fix things
    • Fondest childhood car memory is the sound of a '66 Galaxie with a 390
    • Favorite hobby is spending time with my 2-year-old daughter

  • Ray Klimas Ray Klimas Ray Klimas Performance Technician

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    • Favorite Car:

  • Randy Alldredge Randy Alldredge Randy Alldredge Performance Technician

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    Experience: • From San Diego
    • Favorite cars are '68-'72 Chevelles. Mainly the '72 he currently owns.
    • Worked on cars with an uncle
    • Main hobby outside of car stuff is baseball...go Padres!

  • Kyle Johnston Kyle Johnston Kyle Johnston Tire Center Sr. Performance Technician

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    • Born and raised in San Diego; graduated from West Hills High School in Santee

    • 14 years experience at a nationally known tire center, working at six separate San Diego locations and rising to assistant manager; created and managed their Training Center to teach employees all about tires.

    • Favorite Car: “I love GTOs and two door muscle cars of all kinds.”

  • Jayce Moore Jayce Moore Jayce Moore Shop Services

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    • From Fresno, CA
    • Favorite cars include a 1967-69' Plymouth Barracuda or 1965-67' Pontiac GTO
    • Currently Own: 1992 Volvo 240 wagon, 5spd and a 1965 slant 6 Dodge Dart
    • Automotive Accomplishments: Rebuilt the engine on my dad's Mustang at 17, getting my 1968 Cessna 150 running after 30 years of neglect.