JBA at the Nevada Open Road Challenge – 2021

Congratulations to Mike Evans and his rookie navigator, Greg Drake! FIRST PLACE 135mph division with a time variance of 0.6127, and Average speed of 134.9747!!! Over a total of 118 miles!

 For the past three decades, driving enthusiasts from around the world have gathered on the third Sunday of May and September in the Nevada high desert for the running of two truly unique automotive events. Their amazing journey traverses 90 to 120 miles of closed, two-lane public highway, comprised of long fast straights, sweeping corners, blind dips, even carving through a twisty canyon. The current course record stands at 219.6430 mph average speed, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. The best part is, if you’ve got the nerve, a little cash, and a fast ride, you too can join them to run as fast as you can, legally, down a public highway. Welcome to the Silver State Classic Challenge!

SSCC events are based on time, speed, and distance. Classes begin at 95 mph, and increase in 5 mph increments up through the 160 mph class, with a 170 mph, 180 mph, and an Unlimited, top speed class. Vehicles start one at a time, in one minute intervals against a GPS timing clock, and attempt to break the beam at the finish line as close as possible to their speed class target time. First, Second and Third place trophies are awarded to the Driver and Navigator/Co-driver in each class, based on most accurate elapsed time targets achieved, as measured by SSCC timing equipment. Trophies are also awarded to drivers of our companion One-Mile and Half-Mile Shootout events, both held on race weekends in conjunction with our Open Road Racing events.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to drive your car as fast as you can handle over 90-120 miles of closed highway, or have always wanted to participate in a high speed auto rally or Open Road Racing event, there is no better place to find out what it’s like than on Nevada Highway 318. Best of all, the local Sheriff will smile and wave at you as you pass him by doing 165 in a 70. Where else can you get that rush of constant speed for that long or a distance without risking life, limb, and your driver’s license? Go to SSCC.US to register for one of our events today, and come experience the automotive rush of a lifetime with us on Nevada 318.