February 2020 Coffee & Cars

We began planning this past February's Coffee and Cars on the Mesa with a big question? How big will it get? After that record January party we had it could really go big! But with that rain forecast, maybe we should order 10 dozen instead of 14? The threat of a little dampness even has us wondering if our 18-19 dozen devoured at our January open house, could be cut in half ? So let's begin with two fire pits and ten dozen and see what happens! That sounded reasonable! Well by 7:30 AM it was time for another order of 5 more dozen and then when a few appreciated friends brought in two more boxes of their favorite sugar treats, everyone had their fill.

Enjoy these photos, as always some great machines and their owners graced us with their presence, even as we were threatened by some cool blustery winter winds of impending rain. But dry it stayed and sure enough the warm fire pits burning since 6AM kept everyone's spirits up and the conversations flowing even as the impending storm threatened our party. Amongst all the displays, many enjoyed the sound of the big JBA Pontiac 468 running on the DTS dyno, as it was happy, laying down some big power numbers for the crowd, hitting right off 600HP on the second run. So enjoy another round of great photography thanks to Don Cole who always has a knack for capturing the best views of our always busy JBA campus facility. See Ya in March!

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