The May 2019 Coffee & Cars at JBA Speed Shop

For ten years of JBA “Coffee and Cars on the Mesa” we have chosen to enjoy our comradery and also celebrate Mother’s Day in the month of May as the second Sunday is always Mother’s Day at JBA! So we only went through 18 dozen donuts which is… that’s right a normal good Coffee and Cars. We had a good showing of some great street machines and even a few trailered race cars and yes race trucks also rolled in for some good times at JBA Speed Shop. The morning was cool and after some early clouds a normal were keeping the sunlight at bay until a rare off-shore breeze began which eventually headed all the enthusiastic sportsmanship remnants away from the crowd towards Kearny Villa Rd which looked a some point like a fog bank was moving in! Nothing is quite the same with big block open header race cars warming up the box with some high revving meltdowns!

The showroom was full of shop talk and the shop was packed with some great street machines. The engine shop and Dyno cells were open and we all saw the 650HP 427 Cobra idle out after it was delivered with full 8Ball everyone knew Benny was ready to run! By 10 AM the pile of smoldering rubber was hard to walk over and the Rock’nRoll of the big speakers had the crowd movin’ to the groove!

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