Good Guys Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals

Del Mar (San Diego) CA

It was a rockin’ car-centric festival Friday - Sunday at the 19th Annual Good Guys event. Hundreds of wild rides of every stripe and color from over 7-decades of American manufacturers, the baddest V8 horsepower and trickest, ingenuity adorned machines in Southern California, all throughout the entire O’Brien and Crosby Pavilions and across the many driveways, parking lots, even cruising up and down past the grandstands of the horse track.

Tens of thousands of people attended and…get this!...Millennials, kids and moms were digging the sunshine, beautiful weather, county fair style food, and, of course… muscle cars! hot rods and roadsters!

JBA Represents @ Goodguys Del Mar Nationals.JBA was in force all three days here—displaying both customer and their own insanely major bad ass machines—adjacent to the autocross course where speed turns were the sound of the day, for three days running. All-American Sunday was outstanding with all the late model muscle cars invited in.

Vehicles of note included several unbelievably tricked out low riders with wheel well art, silver inscriptions, and gorgeous tri-tone paint jobs.

“Heckava great day for all our local San Diego hot rod friends of speed and JBA,” Austin Bittle, said. “we had a 440 Charger, 428 Mustang and a 468 GTO on display for sale in the swap meet area, customer cars inside and outside and even running on the track, the sounds of speed were everywhere and then every so often the Coaster would blaze by.”

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