Mark Vaughn, of Autoweek, featured images of a few of the JBA cars in his coverage of the event. Check out the full article to view some great images from the day’s events. We had a great time at this show!
Below is an excerpt from the article…

Mustangs rule at Fabulous Fords Forever

Big California Ford show celebrates with more than 850 Mustangs, and other Fords, too By: on 4/28/2014
Mustangs ruled the day at the 29th annual Fabulous Fords Forever car show.

“This is the Mustang year,” said Fabulous board member Marc Bodrie. “From 12 months ago, we knew we were going to center this show on 50 years of Mustang.”

You could argue that every year is a Mustang year at FFF, with the storied two-door often making up more than half the entries. Sure, there are other fine Fords, plenty of them, but the Mustang is the alpha male.

“It’s all flavors of Mustang out there: classics, performance, original, and Mustang Sally, who just wants to have fun,” said Mustang enthusiast and Saleen Club managing director Jim Dvorak. “There’s a Mustang for every personality.”

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