The West Coast Fuel Altereds put on a great show at Barona 1/8-Mile Drag Strip April 23, 2011. Lots of fun watching the drivers try to hook up for a full pass…especially after sunset when the track cooled off and it got damp. Quickest run we saw was a 4.32 ET at 152.95 mph. The two quickest altereds of the day met for a final showdown at about 10pm and it was worth the wait. At the finish line, the cars were separated by 1/100 of a second with the winner laying down a 4.54 ET. If you want to see a video of that final, click here. In addition to the altereds, a number of local hard-runners came out, including J.D. Watkins with a couple passes in the 4.80′s with his notch Mustang. The white Courier with the blown monster motor hooked up for a full pass. Rick Reynolds ran his black Pinto in the 5.30′s and was tough to beat. Dennis Gonsales was running his green Mustang. Bunch of fast bikes ran in the 5.00′s and 6.00′s. The show included Junior Dragsters, a quick VW that was on the juice, and one guy on a quad! Muchos gracias to Quickdraw for the great barbecue and beer! All in all, a good time. And a big thank you to the guys at Barona for putting on shows like this. Support local drag racing! Check out the attached pictures for more of the story.

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