Austin and Stewart Bittle in front of the JBA Fox Body Mustangs

Team JBA showed up to display and support the Wicked Stangs drag day at Barona Saturday the 22nd of August. Long time JBA customer David Schwartz of PSCA Drag Radial fame brought out his monster turbo fox body to check out his new parachute andnd new timing belt tension. David is second in PSCA points with4 races to go as he tunes up for Vegas next month.

Austin Bittle pulled the ex-UC High School drag Fairlane out of moth balls and proceeded to spank his Dad leaving him on the starting line as the GT500 proceeded to break a pinion gear and deposit gear oil on the starting line after the burn out. Seems Dad was really hitting the clutch with a dream of hole-shoting his son for once…Stewart Bittle as crew chief set tire pressures and assisted in eliminations till the mid-night finish under the lights.

The JBA display at the track was well recieved with Shaun Dove and JR Twedt spending great time with many competitors and spectators talking JBA Racing Engines and Services.

Austin Bittle in the staging lanes

J Bittle's '67 GT 500 427 with broken pinion gear.

JBittle American Booth at Barona Drags