JBA Coffee & Cars on the Mesa - #162 February 11th 2024


February JBA KackleFest

Coffee and Cars on the Mesa #162


Special Thanks:

Rick Rogers and Debbie Harms

& Car Tel Racing, San Diego, CA

Blown Alcohol Dragster 225” W/B

ET 6.80 @ 220MPH

Sponsored By Titan Speed


See them run:

March Meet March 1 – 3, 2024

Bakersfield CA

Nostalgia Eliminator   N/E

7.5 Index 

NHRA Heritage Series


Rick Rogers and Drew Dominique driver

Jeff Rogers and Debbie Harms Crew

Kackle time now… (add video…)


Blown Alcohol Dragster

Robert Stirling Chassis

Brad Anderson 426 Hemi 

1800-2000 HP on Alcohol

Lenco Two-Speed

Goodyear 31 - 15 x 14


JBA Test Day   2/11/24

Drew Dominique Driver

Sahra Dominique and Fiona Crew

Dominique Fab and Clutches


Coffee & Cars on the Mesa