March Meet at FOMOSO DRAGSTRIP - Bakersfield

JBA Speed Shop competition engine building wins again!

JBA Speed Shop competition engine building wins again, beating back today’s logistics and parts timeline battle to get to the track.  The March Meet at FOMOSO DRAGSTRIP, the 2023 season kick-off every year!  Following the close of the 2022 NHRA Heritage Race Season, customer and sponsored JBA friend Steve Thompson’s car and Driver RJ Simrock have a plan for 2023 to exceed their high water-mark of being 7th in Div. 7 points for Nostalgia C/GAS in Dev. 7.   Running his JBA 427 FE Tunnel Port the past three decades, Steve decides (even though he is index racing 9.60) that he wants his engine builder to add another phase of big inch horsepower to his FE! Here is the resulting cascade of events and how it goes down in today’s auto parts and racing world, all timed to still hit the season opening March Meet!   Oh and Yes, as you will see J. Bittle is there!   So of all things RJ and the Thunderbolt Mustang are paired against J. and his C/Gas Shelby GT350 are of all things in Round 1, after J comes off the trailer with a 9.61, even surrounded by the snow of the cool high desert!   This is gonna be wild!




JBA 2023 March Meet in Las Bakersfield