JBA Speed Shop Open House - Oct 8th, 2022

The Mustang Club of San Diego held its annual Mustangs by the Bay show on October 9th, 2022. It was a resounding success and you can see our coverage elsewhere in our speed shop news section.

The day before the MCSD show, JBA Speed Shop held a shop open house for club members so they could stop by our facility and see what's happening in terms of customer cars being worked on as well as to check out our main shop area, tire shop, engine and chassis dynos and other areas of the shop digs.

In addition to that, several club member brought their Mustangs and you can see those in the gallery below. They included a nice cross section of late-model S197 and S550 cars as well as a couple of vintage standouts. Two worthy of note are an exceptional red '70 Boss 302 and a super nice blue '72 fastback, owned by freelance photographer Don Cole.

Inside the main shop, we also had several customer Mustangs on hand that you can see, as well as a few GM cars including a '62 Corvette and a pair of Chevelles, one each a silver '69 and a red '70.

The big MCSD show took place the next day and you will want to check out coverage of that here: https://jbaspeedshop.com/n-12665-jba-at-mustangs-by-the-bay-22.html --Miles Cook

Photo Gallery