Around the shop, August 28th, 2022

Revisiting a Shop Favorite '66 Mustang that is Getting a New McLeod Clutch

About two months ago, we penned our first "Around the Shop" Web item here on the now-world-famous JBA Speed Shop news section. In that write-up, we featured a super-sweet '66 Mustang coupe that's certainly a dearly-loved car around these parts. Not just because it's perfectly set up as an ideal daily-driven vintage Pony, but also because its owner, Bruce Bergman, is a super cool guy as well.

Bruce told us he has had the car since 1990 and before that, it belonged to his grandfather, who bought it new. Anyone who is smart enough to keep a car like a '66 Mustang in the family since new is certainly worthy of recognition in our estimation.

On top of that, there are also a few elements about this car that make us dig it even more. One is the subtle upgrade of the factory styled-steel wheels from a 14-inch diameter, to current 15-inch versions shod with 60-series BFG Radial T/A tires. The other is the color combo of the Dark Ivy Green finish with a green-and-parchment Pony interior. The final touch is a black vinyl top.

There are also mechanical upgrades on the car that make it the ultimate get-in-and-drive-it-anywhere type of vintage Mustang. One is a modern A/C system we installed the last time the car was here.

Another update that was done a few years ago was the addition of a T-5 five-speed manual swap, which brings us why it's here again. Luckily, it's not a major issue as we simply installed a new McLeod clutch which carries part number 75113 (

The perfect match for the mild 302 small-block in Bruce's car, the McLeod Street Pro is an ideal performance clutch for the street and is recommended for cars that have up to around 400 horsepower with mild engine mods and street tires.

Included is a high-clamp-load pressure plate and an organic disc for smooth and even engagement along with a definite increase in holding power over stock. The McLeod kits are complete with that pressure plate, a disc, a throwout bearing, a pilot bushing and an alignment tool.

In addition to the new clutch, the shop also resealed and refilled the car's 8-inch rear end. Both of these procedures were expertly performed by our friend and shop tech Chris Abrew, who is also a wealth of knowledge on vintage Ford cars and trucks.

Vintage Mustangs are a major wheelhouse for us here at JBA Speed Shop. Mechanically, we can do pretty much anything to keep these beloved timeless Ponies on the road and we welcome your '65-'73 as well. --Miles Cook