Around the shop, August 17th, 2022

Supercharging and Coyote 5.0 Mustangs
Are a Perfect Match

After the last week or two of looking at vintage Corvettes, we're jumping ahead more than a half-century with what you see here, which is a late-model S550 Mustang being fitted a Roush/Ford Performance supercharger.

Looking back at the Ford 5.0-liter Coyote DOHC four-valve V-8, we'll note that it made its debut in the 2011 Mustang GT and a revolution was instantly created. With 412 horsepower--which was 97 more horsepower than the 2010 GT's 4.6-liter SOHC three-valve engine it replaced--the Coyote was an immediate hit.

To many, it's the best engine Ford has ever developed and built. For 2013, the Coyote was the recipient of some calibration updates that resulted in a 420-horsepower rating, while other improvements for the then-new 2015 S550 Mustang brought the Coyote to the 435-horsepower level where it also remained for the 2016-17 GT models.

For 2018, the Coyote 5.0 had even more power with improvements that helped it produce a downright impressive 460 horsepower, easily resulting in high 11-second timeslips when equipped with the also-new-at-the-time optional 10-speed automatic. The base 2018-2022 Coyotes are all still at the 460-horsepower level today, so with anywhere from 412 to 460 horsepower, the Coyote 5.0 is no slouch in any of its forms over the past 12 years.

But what if you add boost? Well, as is the case for any overhead-cam Ford V-8, it gets all the more fun. And here we are looking in on a 2019 Mustang GT and its DOHC Coyote 5.0 getting some boost courtesy of a Roush roots-type, positive displacement supercharger (

The Roush Phase 1 Supercharger Kit for 2018-2022 Mustang GTs is the result of an optimal partnership between Roush and Ford Performance. This state-of-the-art package for S550 Mustangs includes the Roush R2650 TVS Phase 1 Supercharger unit and will boost performance to an impressive 670 flywheel horsepower and 610 lb.-ft. of torque at 12psi., when paired with 91-octane fuel and the included Roush calibration. Furthermore, this level of performance is achieved with CARB approval under EO # D-418-41, making it legal in all 50 States.

The Roush R2650 TVS Supercharger (P/N: 422090) provides instant throttle response and generates increased power through the entire RPM range. The 2.65-liter Phase 1 Supercharger is a roots-type positive displacement unit that features Eaton's twin four-lobe rotors that are twisted 170 degrees. The air inlet and outlet ports provide numerous benefits including enhanced thermal efficiency, higher volumetric capacity, higher operating speeds, a smoother, more efficient flow of air into the engine and overall improved noise and vibration characteristics.

BEFORE                                    AFTER

Other notable features include:

• Compatible with both six-speed-manual- and 10-speed-automatic- transmission 2018-2022 Mustang GT models

• Compatible with the Safe and Smart/Adaptive Cruise Control Package

• Eaton R2650 rotating assembly

• High-flowing front inlet and outlet ports

• Enhanced thermal and volumetric efficiency

• Current 2650 rotor geometry provides better sealing with optimized length-over-depth ratio

• Increased durability with bigger bearings and thicker timing gears

• Pressure relief ports in the bearing plate for reduced input power

• All-aluminum, high-efficiency intercooler and full-face radiator

• High-capacity degas bottle and separate reservoir provides substantial cooling capacity

• Fuel charging assembly with upper-and-lower aluminum intake manifolds

• High-flow induction system with a larger throttle body provides increased air flow

• Heavy-duty, first sheave (grooved wheel) FEAD (front engine accessory drive) system reduces stress on the engine

• High performance, safe and reliable engine calibration included (can be downloaded using Roush RDT software)

• Includes all necessary installation hardware

Dyno results were impressive on this specific car. The baseline test with it 100% stock resulted in 394 horsepower at the wheels on JBA's Mustang chassis dyno. After careful installation of the Roush TVS by expert shop tech Jorge Medling, the car ended up making 541 rwhp (see graph below). Doing the math spells out a gain of nearly 150 at the wheels, with the exact number being 147rwhp.

With 460 flywheel horsepower to start with on any stock 2018-2022 Mustang GT, imagine what the instantaneous torque that the Roush setup provides will turn the both port- and direct-injected Coyote 5.0 into. If you have one installed on any 2011-2023 Coyote here at JBA Speed Shop, it won't take long for you to find out. --Miles Cook