Coffee & Cars on the Mesa - #142 - August 2022

JBA Speed Shop has been doing its ever-popular Coffee & Cars events now for well more than a full decade, with the first one taking place in September of 2010.

It was a way to mark the new-at-the-time move to our Kearny Villa Road digs. Given that the one we're showing here was the 142nd once-a-month event, you can do the math by dividing 142 by 12 to get right around the 12-year mark at 11.83.

That means the next one coming up this September 11th will be the 143rd rendition. And the October 9th event will be the 144th. Easy math of 144 divided by 12 means it will be a full 12 years coming up! It will be a show you won't want to miss.

Locally renowned Mary's Donuts in Santee also added the the enjoyable element of the show and to the attendee's palettes.

In the meantime, the photo gallery we have here shows a truly impressive variety of cars that showed up for the 142nd show. Many of the cars are owned by loyal customers and in the partial order of the 106 images, the cool GMs, Fords and Mopars were:

'70 1/2 Camaro Z/28

C6 and C8 Corvettes

C6 Corvette Grand Sports

'68-'69 Camaros

'71-'73 Mustang

'16-'20 Shelby GT350

'69-'70 Mustang Mach 1s and convertibles

'62-'65 Nova

'64-'65 Falcon

'66 Fairlane

'65-'66 Mustang coupes, fastbacks and convertibles

'68 Mustang California Special

Australian Falcon panel

'94-'95 Mustang Cobra

'70 Cougar 428CJ

'70 and '12 Mustang Boss 302s

C7 2015-209 Corvette Z06

Chevy K20 4x4 pickup

'64-'65 Pontiac GTO hardtop and convertible

'67-'69 A-body Plymouth Barracuda convertible

Chevy C-10 pickup

'65 Galaxie convertible

'70 Chevelle

'67-'68 Shelby GT500Es (Eleanor)

'70-'72 Oldsmobile Cutlass/442 convertibles

'68 Dodge Charger

'70 Pontiac GTO

'82 Cadillac Coupe De Ville LS swap

Real 427 Cobra

'08-'09 Pontiac G8 GT

Late-model Dodge Charger

'68-'72 Nova

'70-'72 Corvette

The 143rd and 144th events are certainly coming up soon. Don't miss em! --Miles Cook


Photo Gallery