October Coffee & Cars


What a great weekend we have had, times two. This past Sunday was the wrap up of two weeks of extreme local car events and JBA Speed show and go! So Sunday morning team JBA began arriving at 5AM to our Kearny Villa Headquarters prepping for the departure of JBA Show Team A soon to be heading down to the Cops and Rodders Show at the Embarcadero. Besides the show display gear came some of our best JBA built GM machines, a 1964 GTO, 1968 Convertible GOAT, 1969 427 Vette all joining John's '72 T/A, that is and James's '69 GTO! Meanwhile team two JBA's C&C Team was prepping fourteen dozen fresh hot donuts and 30+ pots of coffee being brewed real time by our new friends owners of Mission Bay Classics! That is fresh JBA brewed coffee by our friend body shop Manager, John R.! The Kearny Mesa JBA crowd arrived steadily over the next two hours with plenty of sporty JBA rockN'roll playing over our killer sound system. So see here photos of our 110th consecutive JBA Coffee and Cars. The Second Sunday of every month from 7- 9:30am see the JBA store and all the glorious projects prepped and open for viewing, like this week, even though Saturday's Antique Drags at Barona was a whole'nother story.


Thanks for making the show great everybody!


Check out the pictures below.

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