What a great car show. Never disappoints. Hosted by Joe Free and Bruce Kent, the Burger Run is the biggest little car show in San Diego County. Held at the Pepper Tree Frosty in Vista, California, this 27th edition featured over 600 pre-1972 entries. Hot rods, muscle cars, woodies, cruisers, rat rods and more. Apart from the participant-friendly vibe (they always make sure it wraps on time), the show features the best trophies in all the land. And the weather? T-shirts, blue skies, in the 70′s. Don’t let the rest of the country know how nice it is in San Diego…they’ll all move here now that they’ve experienced the “polar vortex”. Oh by the way, the Pepper Tree Frosty has great shakes, sundaes, burgers and fries. Worth waiting through the line. Check out the attached gallery for the rest of the story.

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