We had a cool collection of cars and “truck” show up for the Shelby Club Dyno Day this morning. We kicked off at 8am with hot coffee, donuts and an adventurous straight-six 4.0L Jeep. We’re always amazed at the way large diameter offroad tires float. It’s a good thing the Jeep has a 90 mph speed limiter! Dyno contenders included a 428-powered ’64 Galaxie with a sticky throttle, a drag race ’62 Ranchero with 5.14 gears and a narrowed rearend that barely fit on the dyno. It was motivated by a high revving 363 ci small block. We also dyno’d a 402-Roush powered ’65 Superformance Cobra, a 2003 Mach 1 Mustang, a very clean ’66 Mustang Fastback with a stock looking engine that was anything but. Try a 366 SBF that laid down 337 rwhp. Next up was a 2003 Mustang Cobra that featured a 2.93″ pulley and custom tune. Terminator’s always seem to need more than one trunk monkey to hook up! We also ran an 8.0L ’94 Viper, a supercharged ’94 Lightning and we wrapped things up with the 2012 Vortech-supercharged JBA Boss 302. Oh yeah, somewhere in there JBA grilled hot dogs and broke out cold soda pop. All in all, a fine time was had by all. No one blew up or broke!!! For all the rear wheel hp and torque numbers, check out our facebook page. And see the attached gallery for more of the story.

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