If you didn’t like the weather this morning, all you had to do was wait a few minutes because it would change again. Cloudy… sunny, dry…drizzling, warm…arctic chill…take your pick. But the weather didn’t keep enthusiasts away and JBA had a good turn-out for the April edition of Coffee & Cars. We moved the date forward one week from Easter Sunday, because while we are willing to go head-to-head with the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance or the Good Guys Show at Del Mar, we are not willing to go head-to-head with God. Highlights included hot coffee, healthy donuts (right!),a fire pit, good conversation, a HUGE Pontiac contingent, and a vast variety of smoky burnouts. All good clean fun. Thank you to all our guests who make this event happen each month. See the pictures for more of the story!

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