Jan Wagner is an avid autocrosser and also co-hosts the weekly “You Auto Know” show (from 8-9PM on Sunday evenings with Dave Stall) on KCBQ AM 1170. JBA recently installed a Steeda competition front sway bar on Jan’s 2011 Mustang GT. Here are Jan’s thoughts on the results: “The Steeda Competition front bar surprised me because it does not seem to have had any negative effect in terms of ride quality on the street. On the track is where its presence became apparent. I noticed that in hard cornering there was considerably less drama. I had the sense that I was not fighting the car nearly as much as I had been before. Despite the common wisdom about what happens when a large front swaybar is used, I think my car actually understeered less, which was my hope – my thoughts being that with significantly less front end lean, the load would be shared amongst both front tires instead of mostly by the outside one.” We’ve attached a few pictures of Jan’s Mustang on-track courtesy of Impressions by Elliot Photography.

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