The Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) kicked off the 2011 land speed racing season with a two-day meet at El Mirage Dry Lake on May 14th and 15th. JBA cruised up Friday night to hang out for the weekend with our buddies from the San Diego Roadster Club (SDRC). Did we mention that SDRC has been Number One in club points for FIVE seasons straight? It was warm on Saturday and very windy in the afternoon, but all tailwind so that was good (free horsepower courtesy of mother nature). Sunday was overcast and much cooler…still windy! Lots of records fell. Not all the pyrotechnics were on the course. There was a music-blaring, flame-belching pirate ship cruising around the lakebed each night, and of course, Dan performed his one-man twirling-flame light show. See the pictures for a bit more of the story. Or, check out SCTA’s website at

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