Race track, not street! The RaceLegal organization provides a low-cost, safe and legal alternative to street racing. JBA team member Steve Fenn took his SBC-powered Vega over to Qualcomm for the RaceLegal event Friday May 21st. His best time was 6.19 with a 115.67 top speed. There was no way to hook up right off the starting line so it was kind of launch, let off, straighten out and then hammer it again. Still fun no matter what! Many thanks to Scott Thompson for great cheeseburgers! Good to see Jim B.’s nitrous-hungry ’67 Mustang and PG’s emaculate and very quick Chevy truck. I’m an idiot and forgot my camera, so all I’ve got is one cell phone video. JBA Vega at RaceLegal Drags Upcoming race dates include June 4th, 18th and 25th…go to RaceLegal.com for the extended schedule and more info. -Bruce Tucker