J. Bittle keeping in front of a Boss 302 Mustang at the Coronado Speed Festival

J. Bittle and the J. Bittle American Racing Team finished in 8th position at the Coronado Speed Festival September 26-27th. J. Bittle’s #29 1968 Trans Am Mustang uses a rare 302 tunnel-port V8 that was originally a factory prototype engine used by Ford engineer Ed Hinchliff. The engine was intended to be an upgrade to the factory Mustangs at the time, but the project was scrapped in favor of the Boss 302 engine. In race trim, Bittle’s 302 makes 475 horsepower, enough to keep him in the top 10 at race events such as the Coronado Speed Festival.

J. Bittle having fun with kids and families at the Coronado Speed Festival