The first is by Frank Bohanan titled, “Juice It Up,” where JBA installed and tested a Snow Performance water/methanol injection system on a late-model Mustang. The results on the JBA Dyno were impressive. The Mustang’s baseline dyno numbers showed 446.6 peak horsepower and 438 lbs.-ft. of torque using 91 octane fuel and boost levels around 9.5 psi.

After the installation of the Snow Performance Water/Methanol injection system, boost levels increased to 10.5 psi and the Mustang’s peak horsepower level jumped to 460.8 and with torque increasing to 460 lbs.-ft. The additon of the water/methanol allowed the use of full ignition timing with less detonation; the results of which were evident on the JBA dyno.

The second article in the same issue titled “Keep Your Nose Up” by Dan Sanchez, features the installation of a Whiteline Suspension Anti-Dive system, that was also installed by JBA. The Whiteline Anti-Dive kit replaces the rear bushing on the 05-09 Mustang’s front control arms. This avoids any deflection under braking to eliminate the vehicle’s tendency to nose dive.

The Anti-Dive kit is a urethane bushing that was relatively simple to install and also features a built-in caster adjustment that allows you to exit from a tight turn much faster. The result is quicker cornering speeds and lap times for autocross vehicles and daily drivers. The elimination of the nose dive was also noticeable the moment we test drove the vehicle.

Many magazine editors prefer to have products installed and tested at the J. Bittle American Performance Center, because of the knowledgeable staff, experience in racing performance, and the company’s tuning and dyno capabilities for domestic cars, trucks, race cars and specialty vehicles.

Snow Performance install by JBA featured in Nov issue of Mustang Enthusiast Magazine

Whiteline Anti-Dive kit installed by JBA in November '09 issue of Mustang Enthusiast Magazine