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Our November JBA “Coffee and Cars on the Mesa” was our 111 consecutive Second Sunday Open House Event and as always seems to be the case we filled up all the parking we had and some. The early boys arrived well into the dark AM as daylight saving time has ended now so it is very dark at 5:30 still when we set up, coffee brewing, canopy’s up and tables and the donuts are made ready for serving. As always a couple of local clubs arrived and grabbed their spots. The 111th consecutive clean-up Saturday meant lots of work was done yesterday in preparation and the JBA House was ready and Rockin’. The early morning was quite with fog rolling in and low clouds until 8AM or so. Listening to Jimi Hendrix and Almond Brothers and Traffic in our small corner of the world is always somehow cool and comfortable as the big blocks and blown hot rods and cruisers roll in for their donuts and coffee. JBA ‘ own full-service tire center was hopping as was our service and dyno center. We also kicked-off our 5th year of toy driving for this December’s planned delivery too Rady’s. Thanks and remember its ok to tell friends and family both to keep dropping off new packaged toys all month long at JBA! We also sold tickets to next Saturdays 11-4PM car Show happening at the Grossmont Theater. There are 30 of our tickets left. Go to our fb page or website if you want to attend and order your $9.00 Saturday matinee ticket or call or stop by with $9. We have security and will all be inside watching the movie after the show starts.