Master Automotive Machine Shop

JBA Speed Shop has been delivering performance solutions for domestic classic, muscle and late model super cars for 35 years. We stock only the best parts and deploy the latest technologies to upgrade your car’s performance.

More importantly, our core difference is our investment in people who understand cars like doctors understand the body.

Our in-house ASE Certified Master Mechanics repair, rebuild, retrofit and mechanically uptick domestic cars to transform customers’ dreams into street cred reality. This ability to take on ‘impossible’ projects and make them ‘possible’ is what has built our business and satisfied thousands of auto enthusiasts.

It’s Just Bad Ass!

We specialize in performance, diagnostics, machining, balancing, electrical, tuning, suspension, engines, performance brakes, supercharging, restoration, smog-legality, interior upgrades and all things custom. Our 1,500+ HP DTS engine dynamometer test cell and 200+ mph MD500 chassis dyno are Southern California exclusives. And we stock thousands of products from more than 500 high performance auto parts manufacturers.

It’s this drive to deliver performance solutions that has earned us Carroll Shelby’s ‘Friend of the Brand’ designation. Need we say more?


Our specialists can service, repair or upgrade your vehicle’s transmission, differential, driveshaft and just about any other component of your drivetrain. We also specialize in old to late-model upgrades so you can have an overdrive automatic in your muscle car, or swap in a six-speed manual trans to replace your late model’s five-speed.


Whether you’re needing to stiffen up your factory chassis with a custom roll-bar or sub-frame connectors, or a completely new chassis for your classic or muscle car, JBA’s engineers can outfit you with the correct modifications and upgrades.


Specializing in brake upgrades using high quality aftermarket parts, our brake experts know how to adapt four-piston and six-piston caliper systems onto your early or late model muscle car.


Our experienced technicians can assist you in installing everything from a complete supercharger system to a simple carburetor swap. Our team uses the best components for your vehicle and can install and recommend the right components to your engine for optimum performance, fuel economy, and reliability.


Adding any kind of accessory to your vehicle is easy when you have the expert service technicians at JBA who can help.


Take control of your vehicle’s cornering and ride with the help of JBA’s suspension experts. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with a simple lowering job or a full race suspension system based on your specific applications. JBA also uses high quality aftermarket suspension components and our Hunter Laser™ alignment rack to provide optimal performance and reliability.


One of JBA’s specialties is fabricating a custom exhaust for your specific vehicle. We can build you a complete custom exhaust system for street and full-racing applications. We also carry a full line of JBA Headers and Cat4Ward bolt-on exhaust systems for a wide range of domestic car and truck applications.