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TEAM Dominator Returns! – JBA Dominator GTC

          The story is an uncommon one. It is a story that the creators (J. Bittle and his Team) have decided to continue.  It will inherently be reverberating for years to come, as JBA again rekindles another segment of the needy American automotive hot rod market, adding to JBA lore while impacting those still involved and building performance Mustangs and making aftermarket history. A contemporary JBA Dominator Fox body Mustang is coming.  Not since 1993 has the Fox Mustang platform been the basis of aftermarket wide-body dominance in Mustang design.  This relaunch targets fans of the Gen 3 Fox body Mustang just like it did originally from 1989 – 1993 when Trans Am Mustang design dominated Pro-road racing.  

Introducing the 2023 JBA Dominator GTC Ford Mustang Wide-Body Kit!

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