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TEAM Dominator Returns! – JBA Dominator GTC

Mustang Enthusiasts, Strap in! JBA Speed Shop, the innovator behind the JBA headers, the world beating Dominator GTA and GTB and revolutionizer of the American Speed Shop, is introducing the ultimate Wide Body Kit for the 1979-1993 Mustangs; The JBA Dominator GTC 

Introducing the new JBA Dominator GTC Ford Mustang Wide-Body Kit!

Step by Step Build Guide – JBA Dominator GTC

Drawing upon the the heritage an aesthetics of SCCA Trans-Am, European DTM and IMSA GTO prototype race cars of the 1980s and 90s, this high-quality hand-laid composite package is an updated design of the game changing JBA Dominator GTA and GTB Mustang. Utilizing finite element analysis, advanced computer modeling, structural materials analysis , and the use of low void high modulas composites, installation requires no further engineering, custom fabrication nor complex machining. Using basic techniques this 8 piece kit can be installed at home by the competent enthusiast or by just about any professional body shop in fairly short order. The following video is a step by step installation guide for JBA’s Dominator GTC Wide Body Kit.  BUY NOW!The Dominator GTC Wide Body kit dramatically enhances the the stance, styling, and aerodynamics of the venerable Fox Body Mustang.

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