Green Speed Co

Green Speed Co.

GreenSpeedCo is JBA’s commitment to adapting environmentally friendly methods and technologies, with a continuing effort to combine fuel efficiency and performance with high emissions standards. JBA supports a conscious commitment to minimize the center’s impact on the environment. “GreenSpeedCo is our commitment to adapting environmentally friendly methods and technologies,” says Bittle.

  • Low environmental impact
  • Improve emissions standards for classic and late-model cars
  • Performance tuning for maximum fuel efficiency and performance
  • Alternative fuel technology and support
  • Hybrid vehicle service
“Lean is mean…and green. We’re using technology driven from decades of experience in tuning performance vehicles for maximum efficiency.”

J. Bittle


Regular vehicle maintenance will reduce gasoline consumption and lead to less air pollution. For better fuel mileage and to improve air quality, follow the simple tips below courtesy of the Bureau of Automotive Repair:


  • 1. Check Your Air Filter

    A clean air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent and nearly one in four cars needs an air filter replacement. GreenSpeedCo recommends high performance reusable air filters that can be cleaned periodically as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Changing or cleaning a dirty air filter according to manufacturer’s recommendations can save the equivalent of 28 cents a gallon or take you approximately 23 more miles on a typical tank of gas.

  • 2. Straighten Out

    Poor alignment not only causes tires to wear out more quickly, but also forces your engine to work harder, which can reduce gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. Fixing improper alignment would be like saving close to 28 cents per gallon.

  • 3. Get in Tune

    A properly tuned engine can improve mileage by 4 percent which creates favorable gas-by-the-gallon savings. GreenSpeedCo and the JBA Auto Center offer regular tune-ups as well as custom dyno tuning for carbureted and fuel-injected vehicles.

  • 4. Pump ‘em Up

    More than one-quarter of vehicles have improperly inflated tires. The average under inflation of 7.5 pounds causes a loss of 2.8 percent in fuel efficiency. Properly inflating problem tires is like knocking 8 cents off a gallon of gas.

  • 5. See the Light

    Bring your vehicle in for service immediately when a warning light appears. Whether it’s your engine light, oil or tire gauge, make sure to get assistance right away.

  • 6. Make the Right Modifications

    Smog legal high performance parts are available for most applications. “Smog legal” means the parts have undergone an Air Resources Board engineering evaluation and been found not to increase vehicle emissions. Once granted an exemption to emission control system anti-tampering laws (called an Executive Order or EO), the high performance parts can be installed on the specific emission controlled vehicles. Common examples include high-flow air filters and shorty headers. These parts can improve performance and mileage without an increase in vehicle emissions.

  • 7. Watch Your Speed and RPM

    For every 5 mph you reduce highway speed, you can reduce fuel consumption by 7 percent. If you typically drive 75 on the highway and slow down to 70, it’s the equivalent of saving 19 cents a gallon. For muscle cars and classics, there are now a wide variety of overdrive transmissions (auto and manual) and rear-end gear ratios available. GreenSpeedCo can help select and install the right combination for your ride that will allow you to maintain your cruising speed while reducing the rpm and promoting better fuel mileage.

  • 8. Drive Smoothly

    The smoother you accelerate and decelerate, the better your gas mileage, with potential gas savings of 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent around town. Consumers who currently drive erratically can pocket the equivalent 48 cents a gallon by driving more smoothly.

  • 9. Don’t Give Your Foot a Brake

    Riding with your foot on the brake not only wears out brakes but can also reduce gas mileage by as much as 35 percent. If you kick the habit of driving with your foot on the brake, you’ll get the equivalent of 96 cents per gallon in savings.

  • 10. Don’t Idle

    If stopped off the road for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine. Don’t “warm up” your car before driving---unless you’ve got a race motor, it’s not necessary. For every two minutes that you don’t idle, you’ll save the equivalent of nearly 1 cent per gallon.